What we do

Key services

tv data provider
1000s of TV channels

- Thousand of different sources that are assembled and processed
- Huge and complete database of TV programs
- Strong local and international network

tv data provider
Adapted to your need

- Each customer has specific needs
- Available on different type of plateforms and adapted to several types of formats
- English, Spanish, French and Arabic multi lingual support
- Have it translated in different languages
- Remove programs for specific countries (if not adapted to the local laws)
- Set up local time
- Enhanced content Adapted to your needs

tv data provider
Great Team

- Passionate about data and content
- Strong editorial staff
- Content Edited by specialists
- Proofreading by content experts
- Tailored content, curated data and up to date
- High standard in data quality
- Cutting edge tech
- Automated process

tv data provider
Dedicated Hotline

- Customer focus
- 24/7 customer service
- Always available to respond to your needs

tv data provider
Cost-effective solution

- Cheaper than the competition
- Free samples
- Everything you see on the guide

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How we work

tv data provider

1. Collect data
2. Review
3. Research
4. Recommend

tv data provider

5. Design solution
6. Develop
7. Build content

tv data provider

8. Test
9. Check analytics
10. Improve
11. Support

tv data provider

Our customers

Trusted by top cable, satellite, OTT and service providers around the world who rely on us to power TV schedules

About Us

We are a data company with a team of passionate content specialists
that research, collect, review, analyze and create localized content.

We provide metadata solutions for TV plateforms to build robust and complete
TV electronic program guides adapted to the needs of your customers

- Good metadata is essential for reaching customers and keeping them on your TV plateform
- Build loyalty and drive revenue with a complete and up to date catalog
- Increase TV consumption with a great enhanced customer experience
- Help Measure, analyze and understand what viewers watch and buy
- Great metadata requires humans (content specialists)
- Always help consumers find what they’re looking for
- TV Schedules and Data
- Robust TV Guide
- TV Listings

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